Recently, our very own Daniel Hewson was invited on Dr. Nancy Knows to discuss the importance of hearing healthcare and to address the most common objections people have before addressing hearing loss.

One of the most common things we hear patients say is, “I can hear just fine, but I can’t understand what my wife is saying!

Dan explains the key difference between hearing and understanding and explains the effects that untreated hearing loss can have on cognitive function.

Since hearing loss can eventually lead to depression, anxiety, social isolation, and serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s – Dan expresses the cruciality of having your hearing tested – and attending regular appointments after reaching the age of 50.

Listen to what Dan has to say in the interview below.


If you or a loved one is ready to address your hearing challenges or would simply like to schedule an annual hearing assessment for peace of mind – we’re here to help.

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Dr. Troy Holloway

Dr. Holloway is a native Arizonan from Avondale and is a licensed clinical audiologist from Pacific University. His passion to treat all patients with hearing loss and tinnitus stems from his early interaction with an individual that had a cochlear implant. What fascinated him was learning that no matter the type or severity of the hearing loss, there are a wide variety of treatment options to better that patient’s quality of life. This sparked his journey to becoming a doctor of audiology. Over the years he has been treating both pediatric and adult patients in private practices, hospital, and otology settings.