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  • Dennis Thompson

    Very friendly and helpful staff from the receptionist to the doctors. My appointments have always been on time. I would recommend them for your hearing health.

  • Deborah Merl

    I have been a patient of Dan Hewson's for many years. I have always found him to be a friendly and competent person. Last Friday, he came my hero. I scheduled an appointment for what I thought would be routine cerumen removal. For a few days, my left ear felt blocked. I assumed wax was causing my decreased hearing. Dan checked my ear, and to my surprise, he said, "There's no wax. We need to do a hearing test." On a late Friday afternoon, he immediately preformed the test and discovered that I had 65% hearing loss in my ear. His concern was palpable. He immediately sprang into action, telling me time was of the essence in hopefully restoring my hearing. He contacted ENT Dr. James Osborne and I was given a prescription for steroids. Since it was a Friday, I was told to see the ENT on Monday. I saw Dr. Osborne yesterday and my hearing has already improved. Hopefully, due to Dan's quick and accurate assessment, my hearing should be restored. Since Friday, Dan has been in constant communication with me, and I have no doubt that this will continue until this nightmare is resolved. I am beyond grateful for his expertise and genuine concern. Dan Hewson saved my hearing and is truly my hero.

  • Mike Shear

    The best Audiologist (Dan Hewson, M.S.) and support staff you’ll find in Arizona, period. Whether you need a hearing test, adjustments to your current hearing aids or want to try a new device, go here.

  • Kevin Davis

    Thank you Dr Drew Barclay at Ascent Glendale, great service, great attitude and exceptional product knowledge. I can actually hear clearly for the first time in my life. Thank you Dr Drew and your amazing staff!

  • lori brockmeier

    The staff at the office in Surprise was very friendly. They paid attention to my questions and answered them completely. They gave me a full evaluation on my hearing, a complete explanation of all results, and a long discussion with me on what every dot and line represented in my hearing results. I felt They went the extra mile for me. I felt No pressure to buy hearing aids. The office was cleaned and sanitized and I felt Very safe while in their facilities. I appreciated the directness , and the kind way I was Treated. Wonderful experience!


    very helpful and nice people