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  • crystal rodriguez

    Brought my son in for a hearing test. Everything went smooth and quickly. Everyone was professional and the office was in a good location. Dr. Holloway was great and I would recommend this Audiologist office for sure.

  • Cindy Klein

    Dr. Drew was great! Personable, thorough, clean office
    Etc. I highly recommend him!

  • Rose Kane

    I always have an excellent experience when I go to Ascent Audiology. I see Drew who is a happy, calm individual who always is able to care for my issues. I am pleased with my care and will continue to entrust the with my hearing needs. Rose

  • Jon Dodson

    Wife and I have been accusing each other of having hearing problems for several years and suggesting we need our hearing checked. We finally succumbed to the pressure and had an appointment with Ascent Audiology and Hearing. The exam and tests were painless. The results showed we were beyond needing hearing aids and, as I key these comments, we are waiting for our next appointment to be fitted for hearing aids. The office was neat and clean. The staff was pleasant, professional, and considerate. We look forward to trying out our new hearing aids. I am adapting to the thought that I will no longer be able to ignore my wife with the excuse I didn’t hear her.

  • Tom Knecht

    Dan is amazing. He doesn’t just want to sell hearing aids and say see you later. He wants to make sure your brain is processing what you are hearing and continues testing to make sure that’s the case. My Dad came to Dan after 2 failed attempts at hearing aids. This is his best by far!!! Thx Dan for all you do.

  • Linda A. Sims

    I was very pleased with the information I received at Ascent Audiologist about my hearing. They gave more clarity than any place that I had been in the past. Thank you Drew and staff for helping me know and understand the next step for my hearing.