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Celebrating its 70th Anniversary in 2021, El Mirage, AZ, has transcended its rural, agricultural beginnings to emerge as a diverse urban community on the west side of the greater Phoenix metro area. Our community is part of a multi-jurisdictional effort in the West Valley known as the Greater Maricopa Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), where foreign and domestic goods are stored, assembled, or exhibited for sale exempted from U.S. Customs duties and excise taxes.

Despite our proximity to Phoenix, our culturally diverse community has a small-town feel that attracts young working families as well as retirees looking for affordable living and a more laid-back way of life. While El Mirage leans to the quieter side of things, there are plenty of opportunities to continue an active and independent lifestyle thanks to numerous golf clubs and recreational centers in neighboring communities enhanced by the availability of Arizona’s most trusted hearing care.

The mission of our hearing care professionals at Ascent Audiology is to raise awareness for healthy hearing and to continue to help the people of Surprise, AZ, and surrounding communities achieve better hearing through our award-winning “red carpet” treatment.

Trusted by thousands of local residents, physicians, and many organizations, our team has built a reputation for achieving better hearing using the unique, methodical process developed by founder Daniel Hewson. As a hearing aid wearer since 1977, Daniel understands the frustrations, fears, and objections most people have regarding their hearing challenges.

If you are looking for a local expert who will provide the support you need to continue living the life you love while making you feel a part of our family, then you’re in the right place.

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Hearing Aid fitting

When Was Your Last Hearing Assessment?

Although it’s seen as “normal” to have an annual dental check-up, an annual physical, or to have your cholesterol checked, hardly any of us regularly have our hearing assessed.

But with hearing loss being the third most prevalent health condition affecting one out of every five adults in the U.S., it’s never been so important to regularly test your hearing.

A comprehensive hearing assessment is quick, non-invasive, and the results are shared with you immediately, allowing you to either address any hearing challenges to prevent them from worsening or to at least have a baseline to test against in the future.

Man sitting during Hearing test

Access to All Levels of Hearing Technology

Nobody grows up looking forward to the day that they can buy their first pair of hearing aids, yet with hearing loss now affecting 1 in 5 Americans and the World Health Organization predicting that hearing loss will double by 2050, they’re the solution that hundreds of thousands of people turn to every year.

But with the latest technology being significantly different to the large, clunky devices that you may remember from yesteryear, you’ll be surprised at just how small and discreet the latest hearing devices are.

With incredibly powerful features, incredible clarity for speech recognition, and the ability to seamlessly connect with your cell phone, television, and computer, the latest technology doesn’t just amplify your hearing, but it also amplifies your life.

Lady sat in hearing test booth

Arizona’s Most Convenient Hearing care, both Now and Forever

Whatever happens in the world, our patients remain at the center of ours.; This is why we have always looked for ways to offer the most convenient hearing care in Arizona.

With “Tele Audiology” available, you can receive the help from an audiologist from the comfort of your home with an innovative “live online appointment” feature, and with “Curbside Service” available, you can receive help with repairs, adjustments, and cleanings with no contact from the comfort of your vehicle.

By partnering with Ascent Audiology, you can have the confidence that we will always meet you wherever you are comfortable, and that we’ll have your back, both now and forever.

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