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The primary mission of the professionals at Audina is to use innovative hearing instruments to improve the lives of patients with a hearing loss. Adding to the efforts of a team of highly-skilled engineers, tech support, and sales associates committed to product excellence, Audina delivers superior service, unconditional integrity, and customer value on a daily basis.

By turning to companies like Gennum and RTI for their research and development enterprises, the Audina team is free to focus on customer service and customer support for their wide range of hearing instruments from entry-level BTEs to advanced digital CIC hearing devices.

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Sound Processing from Audina

True Environment Processing, featured in Audina’s RIC, RIC with telecoil, and BTE styles, delivers the most natural sound possible.

One of the most advanced-level technologies available in Audina hearing aids involves P2i water resistance material technology, which uses pulsed ionized gas (plasma) to apply a nanoscopic (1,000 times thinner than a human hair) polymer to the surface of the instrument, making them moisture resistant.

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Audina Hearing Aids Features

Connectivity between your hearing aids and iPhone is directly supported by Audina hearing aids, but with Soundclip-A and the Remotelink app, your hearing aids are also compatible with Samsung and other devices.

Audina’s connectivity feature allows users to send and receive programming and troubleshooting assistance as well as ongoing counseling and support from their hearing aid provider without requiring an in-office consultation.

Additionally, Audina hearing aids feature lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that are capable of sustaining a charge for full-day use, even during streaming.

Patient-Focused Hearing Aid Repair at Ascent Audiology

When you need a little extra help to hear better, advanced solutions from Audina hearing aids are among those available. Since Ascent Audiology is all about helping everyone in our community enjoy the benefits they provide, we support those who use Audina hearing aids, as well as those who use Rexton, Siemens, Sonic, and more, with troubleshooting, maintenance, and hearing aid repair.

Ongoing, trustworthy, and personalized care provided by a doctor of audiology is among the advantages of choosing a hearing care partner like Ascent Audiology rather than purchasing your instrument from a hearing aid dispenser, online or over the counter. For the support and personalized hearing care you need, turn to Arizona’s hearing care leader to amplify your hearing as well as your quality of life.

If you or a loved one could benefit from advanced technology hearing aids or could use a little help from one of our technicians, contact us by using the adjacent form.

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