Some common issues associated with hearing aids are the result of poor maintenance.

Make sure you clean your hearing aids every night with a gentle cleanser and allow them to dry overnight completely.

Periodically, you will want to do a deeper cleaning using appropriate tools to remove earwax and debris.

Always follow your hearing aid provider or manufacturer’s instructions.

Also, keep high-quality, fresh batteries in your hearing aid devices.

Most problems with the quality of sound, whistling, or buzzing associated with hearing aids can be directly related to poor maintenance or low power.

When you can’t solve your hearing aid problems at home, here are some estimates of how much hearing aid repairs cost.

Hearing aids under warranty

Your hearing aids most likely came with a standard manufacturer’s warranty that may last up to two years.

Most warranties will cover a defective hearing device, along with some protection if the hearing aid wearer mistakenly dropped or stepped on the device.

If you require hearing aid repairs and your devices are still under warranty, carefully read the terms and conditions to know under what conditions your hearing repairs will be covered.

Only the best hearing aid warranties will cover damage caused by mishandling or misuse.

Most all will pay for hearing aids that were delivered defective from the manufacturer – free of charge.

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Even when hearing aids are still under warranty and you have an approved loss or damage, your deductible would need to be met first.

Hearing Aid Repair Costs

If your hearing aids are not covered on your home insurance policy under an additional rider, and they are no longer under warranty, then you must consider the cost to repair versus the cost to replace.

If your hearing aids are extensively damaged, you may want to consider new and advanced hearing aid technologies available from brands like ReSound, Phonak, Oticon, Starkey, and Widex. 

Protect your hearing aid investment by opting in for an extended warranty and insurance coverage.

In the future, you will pay a fraction of the cost to repair or replace your hearing aids when they are insured, and you limit your out-of-pocket costs for hearing aid repairs.

Hearing aid repairs typically cost $350 with a 1-year warranty, and all repairs depend on the amount of damage to the electronics or casing.

When considering whether to repair or replace your hearing aids, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Are your hearing aids at the end of their life cycle of 5 years?
  • Has the sound quality noticeably decreased?
  • Do you own low-quality or budget-priced hearing aids?
  • Do your hearing aids have extensive damage (smashed or stepped on)?
  • Have your hearing aids had a history of repetitive cycles of repairs?

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