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Phoenix’s No1 Audiology Clean & Check Hearing Aid Service

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources

For anyone that has ever dealt with the anxiety of living with a hearing loss, the feeling of relief they receive when first using their hearing aids is beyond expression.

It offers the wearer an intimate connection to their daily life, helps them reconnect with family and friends, and provides them with the chance of independence once again.

As experienced audiologists, we at Ascent Audiology & Hearing believe that hearing aids have the power to transform a patient’s life. As such intricate devices, we think they should be cared for with love.

Your hearing health is one of the most critical factors in sustaining your standard of mental well-being. It’s for that reason that we offer our exclusive hearing aid clean & check to both patients and non-patients across the local area.

Why Do I Need To Service My Hearing Devices?

Without essential cleaning and maintenance, your devices’ performance will likely become affected over time.

For example, a common side effect of everyday usage of hearing aids is the build-up of wax and debris, which, if left untreated, can directly interfere with the quality of sound provided by your hearing aids.

With the Ascent Audiology & Hearing clean & check, you can rest assured your devices will be taken care of in a professional and timely manner, ensuring you can continue to enjoy the benefits they provide.

What Does Our Hearing Aid Clean & Check Service Include?

Hearing Aid Test – Our expert, hearing aid specialist, will carry out a thorough hearing device test to ensure that you receive the highest sound quality from your devices.

Hearing Aid Wax Guard Replacement – Our filters are of the highest quality available throughout the industry.

Outside Hearing Aid Clean – Cleaned to look as good as the day you received them.

Replacement Batteries – As part of our service, we supply your devices with new long-life batteries.

Functionality Test – We ensure your device provides you with 100% functionality; along with this, we also offer advice on keeping your device in perfect working order. To book your clean & check hearing aid service or request a callback, click here.

Which Manufacturers Do We & Offer a Clean & Check For?

We are happy to service all manufacturers and all hearing aid models; bring in your device, and our friendly team will happily take care of the rest—stress-free, worry-free, patient or non-patient.

Daniel Hewson, hearing care expert with a female visitor

How Soon Can Someone Schedule An Appointment?

Our team understands better than anyone the urgency of having your devices swiftly seen and returned promptly to ensure you can continue to enjoy the benefits your hearing aids provide.

For this reason, when you call to schedule an appointment, we will almost always aim to see you straight away.

How Much Does The Clean & Check Service Cost?

Our patients recieve this service free of charge as a part of their ongoing care package with us at Ascent Audiology and Hearing. For non-patients, the full service costs $40.

From Our Family To Yours

If you wish to make an appointment with one of our experienced audiologists or have any ongoing concerns regarding your hearing aids or hearing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To schedule an appointment, you can fill out the form on this page or call the number of your local office. Your hearing matters to us, and so do you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Daniel Hewson

Born and raised in Western New York, Dan Hewson comes to our practice with over 19 years of experience in the field. With a master’s degree in audiology from SUNY Fredonia, Mr. Hewson has extensive experience working in several of the largest Otolaryngology practices in the country, and also as a Regional Manager with Siemens Medical Audiology Division. Father, husband, and full-time employee with us, Dan is currently a student working to earn his doctorate in audiology; it should be completed by 2018.

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