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How Can I Support a Loved One With Hearing Loss?

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

Hearing loss can be a sensitive subject and a source of confusion and frustration for both those suffering and those around them.

Often, those who have hearing loss don’t want to discuss it with their loved ones for many reasons.

Whether it be an embarrassment, personal frustration, or even just denial, starting a conversation with a loved one about their possible hearing loss can be difficult for sure.

I have seen over my many years of practice in audiology that while many family members want to start this conversation, they are at a loss about how to do so.

So, I wanted to take a moment to discuss a few essential things to keep in mind when having this conversation with a loved one.

Be Patient and Understanding

Your loved one can become defensive when you first bring up hearing loss because, as I stated earlier, they may be embarrassed or frustrated by the truth of the situation.

Make sure to take your time to hear them out when it comes to their frustrations or concerns, and don’t take any initial hostility of unwillingness to discuss this personally.

Once they have aired their concerns, and you have expressed that you want to listen and help, it will be much easier to navigate the conversation into more sensitive topics.

If they aren’t ready to talk about everything all at once, that’s okay! In most cases, starting the discussion is the biggest obstacle.

Do your Research!

An essential part of correctly addressing any problem is making sure you have all the information to do so properly. In this case, Google can be a great resource!

Just make sure what you are reading is from a credible source, so check to ensure that the website is certified and peer-reviewed by reading its “about” section and checking the author’s credentials.

Suggest a Hearing Evaluation

A hearing evaluation is the best way to determine the causes, extent, and treatment for hearing loss, and we always suggest one for all of our hearing patients.

A great way to show your loved one you support them and their hearing health journey are to offer to go with them! Hearing exams can be intimidating for some, and if they have someone with them, that can help relieve a lot of anxiety.

While we are currently only allowing patients inside our practice without visitors, just going with them and waiting in the car can make a huge difference.

Talking about hearing loss with a loved one can be difficult.

Still, it is essential to remember that open communication is vital to helping them get the treatment they need to live a happier and healthier life.

I hope you may find these tips helpful when navigating a loved one’s journey to great hearing health. If you ever have any questions about hearing loss or treatment, call and make an appointment with us at Ascent Audiology!

We would love to help you in any way we can.

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Daniel Hewson

Born and raised in Western New York, Dan Hewson comes to our practice with over 19 years of experience in the field. With a master’s degree in audiology from SUNY Fredonia, Mr. Hewson has extensive experience working in several of the largest Otolaryngology practices in the country, and also as a Regional Manager with Siemens Medical Audiology Division. Father, husband, and full-time employee with us, Dan is currently a student working to earn his doctorate in audiology; it should be completed by 2018.

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