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Why You May Be Experiencing Sound Issues with The Newest Apple Devices

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Industry News, Patient Resources, Technology, Troubleshooting

Since the iPhone 12 debuted in October 2020, I have heard that some hearing aid users are experiencing a decrease in sound quality.

And Apple has been transparent about customer’s audio problems associated with hearing devices. Apple has released a statement confirming that all iPhone 12 models are affected, including the iPhone 12 Mini, Pro, and Pro Max.

If you have a ‘made for iPhone hearing device,’ we here at Ascent Audiology want to offer some insight into whether these issues originate with the hearing device, your iPhone 12 phone, or the iOS14 software update.

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Sound Quality Issues on the Newest Apple Devices

If you peruse Apple discussion forums, you will discover hearing aid and iPhone 12 users reported no sound quality issues at all with iPhone 11 Pro or older models and software upgrades.

But, the release of the iPhone 12 has been a challenge for many others. They are experiencing:

  • Interference during phone calls that is intermittent and disruptive
  • Poor hearing aid connectivity causing dropped Bluetooth connection
  • Booming static in one ear hopping into the other ear can be unsettling.

System bugs and programming faults are not unusual when new software or devices are rolled out. In this case, Apple not only released the new iPhone 12 but simultaneously delivered an updated iOS 14 software update.

For this reason, it can be difficult to determine if the problem is a software issue with the newest operating system or a hardware problem with the iPhone 12.

Is it iPhone 12 Hardware Or Software Related?

First off, if it is or were a hardware issue with the design of the iPhone 12, Apple would likely want to keep its huge customer base of hard of hearing consumers happy with an upgraded replacement device.

This is highly unlikely, and most issues – even hardware problems have a software workaround.

Some hearing aid users have already decided that the poor sound quality associated with pairing certain hearing devices to the iPhone 12 was too much to bear.

Unfortunately, giving up your iPhone 12 will typically result in a loss of significant money. If you have already invested in a device, a better option is to upgrade to the latest iOS14.2.1 operating system or later.

According to Forbes magazine, Apple lists the following iOS 14.2.1 upgrades and fixes:

  • Fixed – MMS messages that were not being received
  • Fixed – Made for ‌iPhone‌ hearing devices and sound quality issues
  • Fixed – Lock Screen could become unresponsive on ‌iPhone 12‌ mini.

It is improbable that these issues of poor sound quality are originating from your hearing device. This is especially true if you’ve had no connectivity issues or problems with clear sound while using other iPhone devices.

But, if you are having sound quality issues with your hearing device, even after iOS upgrades, our team at Ascent Audiology and Hearing offers hearing aid repairs should you wish to schedule an appointment.

If you would like to learn more about troubleshooting your devices from home, why not take a read of our handy guide by clicking here.

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