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“Before my appointment, I often wondered if I was going to hear the right thing. I was worried about being told the truth about how my hearing was. At my first appointment, I liked the fact that there was more than one person in the offices and that there were several hearing aid doctors and they were working together. I think you have heard this before – hearing aids can be a nuisance, but I feel lost without them. Quite isolated. If you’re concerned about your hearing, try Ascent Audiology. They have been a blessing to me. They told me I didn’t need just one hearing aid, but I needed two to balance out my hearing problem.”

Adelina Reyna

Adeline Reyna patient story
Joan Hillyard patient story


“I first had a hearing test at school at 7/8 years old. I was tested 3 times before deciding that I was barely OK. I had no more testing until my 50s when I knew that I would be needing help, since I couldn’t hear at meetings and group situations, so I would ask someone nearby what was being said. Before that, I would position myself where I could hear the best or just resign myself to missing out and not speaking out inappropriately in situations.

I have been wearing hearing aids for about 20 years now. Right after I got the first ones, I was visiting out in the desert. Birds were nesting down for the night and they were quite noisy at that time. I took my aids out and then couldn’t hear a sound!!! I was very impressed.

I’ve had about 4 sets of aids since then and each had been quite an improvement over the previous in handling my problem(s). I had only had my hearing aids a year, so when I came to Ascent, I was not planning on replacing them. They did prove to me that they could improve the quality of my hearing with new aids, so I’m very happy that I have made the change. Technology has come a long way over the years – for which I’m very thankful.

Everyone at Ascent was friendly and very knowledgeable, understood my problem immediately, and had the product to handle my problem. I can hear again, so I don’t have to keep asking people what is being said. It gets embarrassing when you have to ask more than a couple of times.

Ascent is an excellent place to start on your hearing adventure and they have the knowledge to take care of any hearing problem. Basic is to have a hearing test. You don’t know what you’re not hearing often – like birds and such. (I was on watch for several years before I finally got my first aid.).”

Joan Hillyard


“I began noticing a loss of hearing about 10 years ago. I took a hearing test at a business in Sun City and began wearing their hearing aids, which were placed on top of my ears, with a probe into the hearing canal. Three or four years later, they went out of business or left the area. Shortly after that, we moved into Freedom Plaza, a retirement community in Peoria. A lady who lives here recommended Ascent Audiology, and my first visit was with Dan. I was very impressed with the friendly and competent staff. Hearing aids make a world of difference. I couldn’t do without them. I would recommend them highly.”

Paul Meeden

Paul Meeden patient story
Sheryl Shantz patient story


“I didn’t think I had a hearing problem, but my family thought I did. I had heard Dan Hewson speak and say how important hearing is for every part of health. So I decided to get tested. I haven’t had a lot of negative feelings about wearing hearing aids, so I wasn’t worried about being tested. When I was told it would be good to have hearing aids, I got them. I have always felt comfortable at their office and all the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. My hearing loss was not severe, so I haven’t noticed a big change in my life. I’d tell anyone to go have your hearing tested and prevent it from getting worse. This is a great place to go and the staff is very knowledgeable.”

Sheryl Shantz


“My biggest concern was not hearing my children, asking them to repeat everything. My daughter had gone to Ascent and she had a wonderful experience and loved the product’s options with the iPhone app. My ear was clogged with wax and they cleared that ear. Their place is clean and the people are very helpful and courteous.
Hearing aids have helped me in several ways. Number one… I can wear them all day! Two… I can listen to my audio books through the hearing aids. Three… I can hear the phone calls better. Four… They have a charger instead of batteries. Five… They invite me to come back server also times to ensure I am happy with the fit and hearing. Try them – you’ll love the people and the instruments.“

Barbara Kimble

Barbara Kimble patient story
Barbara Petroff patient story


“I thought that I might have a hearing loss when my kids told me to get my hearing checked because I had to keep repeating myself. Especially when I wasn’t looking straight at someone talking to me. The Ascent Audiology staff and Dan put me right at ease. The visit was a pleasure and well worth it. Hearing aids have made me open up and become more social. I love being able to hear again. I would tell anyone to go get your hearing checked at Ascent Audiology.”

Barbara J. Petroff


“As a retired military member, I started my career working on jets back in 1995. I was on the flightline or around loud jets all the time, and it started to take a toll on me. Fast forward about 18 years (I had noticed some hearing loss in the interim and started to realize I had constant low ringing, too) to where the ringing got extremely loud and lasted all my waking moments, and my wife and kids got tired of repeating themselves to me, so I finally made an appointment with the ear, nose, and throat doc to get tested.

The tests showed I had lost hearing in the lower spectrum ‘equivalent to a female voice,’ which my wife thought was a coincidence, and I received my hearing aids. I was referred to Ascent from my military medical doctor and had been wearing a pair of hearing aids for a few years, so I had no expectations other than to just check on me and see where my hearing loss/tinnitus had progressed to.

My first impression was in the waiting room where there were two couples and I was younger than both couples by at least 30 years : ) The staff were extremely nice and welcoming and the doc actually listened to what I had going on and worked with me to figure out a plan of attack to help make me as comfy as possible with my current hearing and worked to get me a newer set of hearing aids. I was impressed from the start.

Without the amazing ReSound Bluetooth hearing aids and the app that I use, I’d probably go insane from the unrelenting tinnitus and I’d probably have more issues with my family getting frustrated having to repeat themselves to me all the time and having to hear the TV at a much higher volume.

These folks know what they are doing. Take the plunge and at least hear what they have to say and let them give you their expert opinions on how to best help you. That’s what they are there for. You don’t have to suffer in silence. They worked with me and pushed my insurance to get me the best hearing aids possible and I haven’t regretted working with them once.”

Chuck Marsh

Chuck Marsh patient story
Eileen Clem patient story


“I became concerned about my hearing when I had to ask my friends and family to repeat things. I thought they wouldn’t want to be around me. I really didn’t think I had a serious hearing problem and I could go without hearing aids for a little longer. I felt like Dr. Hewson and his staff really cared about me and they were very interested in my hearing problem. The quality of my life has improved 100%. I wear them every day and I have enjoyed being around people and enjoying life. I would tell anyone that if they want to have a great experience with hearing aids to make an appointment with Ascent today.”

Eileen Clem


“I first became concerned about my hearing when I had a routine hearing test done at Advent Hearing. My first impressions were that they had a very clean office and very friendly staff. My hearing aids have really improved my hearing better in a group setting. I would tell anyone to visit Ascent Hearing for a hearing test.”

Fran Friehauf

Fran Friehauf patient story
Gary Raphael patient story


“I became concerned about my hearing when I no longer could make out what they were saying on television. Everyone at Ascent Audiology put me at ease. With my hearing aids, it is great to hear sounds that were lost through the years. Don’t put it off like I did. Make an appointment. You will be glad you did.”

Gary l Raphael


“My hearing loss started about 20 years ago. My first appointment at Ascent Audiology was very pleasant and it is nice to know that Dan has also worn hearing aids for a while. He understood the problem. Ascent Audiology tests your hearing and adjusts your hearing aids based on tests/science not by guessing. When I got my hearing aids, it was the first time I could really hear. I can hear and don’t say ‘what’ much anymore. If you are thinking of getting your hearing checked, go to Ascent Audiology. They know what they are doing.”

George Johnson

George Johnson patient story
Hayden Keener patient story


“My hearing loss started probably 10 years ago. I really had no concerns, just figured it was part of life. My first impression of Ascent Audiology was their friendly people. Always a big seller for me. I didn’t think I would make this much of a difference. If you are thinking about going to Ascent, then go. They will take great care of you.”

Hayden Keener


“I began having to ask others to repeat what they were saying, not hearing well when in a crowd, and I wanted to address my tinnitus. I was concerned about the cost. Everyone at Ascent is very professional and caring. I can hear much better overall and the programming of the hearing aid has diminished my awareness of the tinnitus in my right ear. What a relief! Please get a consultation from those who have the expertise to help you hear better!”

J. Vaupel, RN

J. Vaupel patient story
Ken Soucy patient story


“I was about 40 years old when my boss told me to get a hearing test. That was 40 years ago. The best we can figure is that my eardrums were damaged when I was a youngster. I had some serious earaches and my family could not afford to go to the doctor. It was St. Patrick’s Day, we were Catholic, so they put some cotton balls in my ears with shamrocks on them, believing that St. Patrick would cure me. Unfortunately, it did not work. However, I became an expert lip reader, unknown to myself, and I was able to get all the way through my MBA degree by reading lips. Ascent Audiology were better than most of the others that I used throughout the many years. I was impressed that they found the correct settings for my hearing aids quickly. Many places use trial and error. My hearing aids have impacted my life positively for many years. Without them, I hear nothing. I would tell anyone to go for it.”

Ken Soucy


“I’ve had hearing loss all my life. Ascent Audiology has excellent staff and service. Dr. Drew Barclay was, and continues to be amazing, knowledgeable, and has come through for me on every issue and question. With my hearing aids, I can hear family, friends, and others like never before. Truly life changing. I don’t have to ask people to repeat themselves over and over again. Don’t wait or put it off. Your hearing is everything to you AND especially those you love. Don’t miss out on what’s going on around you.”

Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis patient story
Leslie Gunter patient story


“I have known for many years that I had a hearing problem. I was embarrassed to admit it. I was missing most all conversations. So I just acted like I understood the person I was talking to. I prayed I was saying the answers. I had Costco hearing aids and still couldn’t hear. I came to Ascent for a second opinion. They confirmed my suspicions. They were so nice and professional. Hearing aids changed my life! I just wish I would have gotten them WAY, WAY earlier! If you go to Ascent, you are in the most capable hands in the valley!!! Please RUN, don’t wait!!! They are so worth getting even when you are young. Hearing loss only had some to do with age. ANY ONE, ANY AGE can experience hearing loss. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Leslie Gunter


“For as far back as I can remember, I have had a hard time hearing and would not like to be in crowds. I had a hard time hearing words in music. I was teased a lot about this. I wanted to know answers to my hearing loss. I first came to Ascent Audiology to see if I had wax in my ears. The doctor was very kind and helped me to understand that I did have wax in my ear that was very old and probably caused by an infection. The hearing test also showed a hearing loss. I am so happy I have hearing aids now. I can hear clearly what other people are saying and can be more involved in conversations even in crowds. It has changed my life!! I would encourage anyone to go to Ascent. They have the answers.”

Mary Olson

Mary Olson patient story
Merv Cecil patient story


“The absolute moment I realized my hearing loss was when I tested my first new aids and heard the results and saw the tears welling in my wife’s eyes. At first, I thought it was odd that the business was operating out of a MD’s office at the time but felt immediately at ease with the assistant and Dan from the initial contact. My wife is much happier now not having to repeat herself, which makes me very happy! I would tell anyone who is contemplating an appointment to ask for Dan!”

Merv Cecil


“August of 2010 is when I realized I may have a hearing challenge and my emotions were all over the place. I was most concerned at the time about hearing my newborn baby cry. My first impression was peace and home-like. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I loved the fact that it wasn’t too loud in the reception area, so no one had to ‘yell’ at me. With hearing aids, I can hear the birds chirping and the garbage truck and most importantly, the voice of my children. It’s scary and such unfamiliar territory to be walking through, but at Ascent Audiology, Dr. Daniel and his team are absolutely amazing. It also helps that Dr. Daniel wears hearing aids himself, so he knows my walk and that was so comforting for me.”


Renee patient story
Robert Moore patient story


“I was very concerned about my hearing loss but knew I had some ownership in causing it by not protecting my hearing as best I could. Working in aviation, loud noises are part of the job, but I did not wear the hearing protection as best I could. I do not want to be the guy that sits around saying ‘Huh?’ and the tinnitus was affecting my sleep. I was afraid that the hearing aids would be big and clunky and the care for them would be cumbersome, but the options provided were very small, almost invisible, and with rechargeable batteries and easy cleaning, the care is nearly effortless.

I felt very comfortable and welcomed at Ascent. I got a very lighthearted and family feeling from the time I called with questions all the way through the testing and fitting. Not flashy or pretentious, just a good vibe and a really feeling of they were there for me, not to for them. I could not have been welcomed any better. My family and I can watch the television without them having to have hearing protection due to the volume being up so loud for me to hear. The ability to adjust the setting for different environments that allows for better reception of speech, music, etc. has helped me enjoy life much more.

I would and have recommended them to my co-workers that are in the same boat as me. I went to a few other “Hearing Centers” before Ascent and am glad I kept looking to find them. The cost, service, and friendliness of the staff warms my heart.”

Robert Moore


“I didn’t know that I had a problem until I was tested. I had read where your hearing sends signals to the brain for different sounds and if you go without correction, your brain slowly forgets those signals.

I was first introduced to Dan Hewson at a free screening through our church. Equipment was brought along to view inside your ear and see it on a computer screen. My ear canal was plugged with wax. That Hewson was genuinely committed to help you hear better and not just to sell you hearing aids.

I was a little concerned about buying hearing aids in Arizona, as I’m still a Minnesota resident. After finding out they could be adjusted over the telephone, I was impressed. I was totally impressed with their interest in helping me.”

Roger Quern

Roger Quern patient story
Shannon Fayle patient story


“Several years back, I noticed I was having a hearing loss. I work at a base service center, so I need to be able to hear. It’s very scary and struggling to hear people correctly, so I had had a cochlear implant put in, but my other ear started to get some severe loss, so I ended up going to Ascent to help me with the other ear, as I did not want to get another cochlear implant. I had no fears, as I had an implant already. My doctor also has a hearing aid, so it was really nice that someone who is a doctor also knows what it’s like to have a hearing loss. My hearing is a bit better now, but my hearing loss is very different, so it’s very complicated to fix. Ascent Audiology is very knowledgeable about the hearing aids and all the brands and which ones are better for each person. They’re very knowledgeable, they’re educated, they’re very kind, considerate, and caring. If you are considering an appointment, this would be the place to go.”

Shannon Fayle


“I became concerned about my hearing when I couldn’t hear people speaking in the front seat while I was in the back. My daughter kept telling me I needed to get my hearing checked! I didn’t want that high pitched squeal that I had heard from my grandma’s hearing aids. I was completely comfortable at my appointment. I went to Ascent Audiology because of insurance, but I would use them anyway now! My hearing is now much improved! No one has to tell me that I need my hearing checked anymore. The TV volume has gone from 54 to 23. I can hear most conversations now. I would tell anyone who is thinking about an appointment to visit them! You don’t know how your hearing impacts your quality of life until it gets fixed!”

Shiela Marble

Sheila Marble patient story
Staci Forcade patient story


“I don’t think I recognized that I had a hearing deficit – I thought those around me were mumbling more. The Ascent team is very friendly & professional. They listened to me & based their recommendations on my needs & not what they ‘thought’ I needed. With my hearing aids, I don’t have to ask folks to repeat themselves as often. If you are concerned about your hearing, don’t be afraid to have your questions answered. Wearing a hearing aid is not the end of the world & can improve your quality of life.”

Staci Forcade


“I am a musician, and I noticed that I could no longer hear certain overtones. I guess the simple way of saying this is, some musical notes sounded different from how they used to. Since my father and my grandmother both had severe hearing losses, I was concerned that I was headed in the same direction. Then, of course, I also began to have difficulty understanding the TV and needing to turn up the volume. I really did not want to make the same mistake I had seen in my own family: waiting too long to get hearing aids. My biggest fear was whether hearing aids would really help. My father always struggled with hearing aids and hated them. So I wondered if I would have the same difficulty.

“My first appointment at Ascent Audiology was a good experience. Everyone made me feel comfortable. The testing is painless, and everything was carefully explained to me. All my questions were answered. Honestly, it was a very positive experience and their professionalism was greatly appreciated.

“I could not be happier with my hearing aids. I hear everything again! I don’t have to turn up the volume on the TV, and I don’t miss out on conversations. I wear my hearing aids all day, every day. They help me immensely. There is no shame in needing hearing aids, and, even though they are not visible, I don’t mind telling people. If you are thinking of making an appointment, don’t wait! You are worth it. Do it! You won’t regret it! They will help you gently get used to hearing again. Do it sooner, not later, and you will not regret it.”

Suzanne Bushfield

Suzanne Bushfield patient story
Tom Zambo patient story


“The staff at Ascent are very fine people – helpful, fair, and considerate. Hearing aids have helped me tremendously. I must have them in both ears. If you are considering a visit, do it. You will not be sorry.”

Tom Zambo


“My favorite TV shows were starting to sound like they were mumbling, and I was asking friends and family to repeat what they had said. In 6 months, it just got worse. I had my hearing tested at 3 different places and Ascent’s testing was by far the most thorough. Everything was explained to me and their recommendation made sense.

“I have an aid in both ears and I am very glad I do. I hear like I did when I was 30 or 40 years old. I am now 87 and I hear things others do not. I really get a kick out of telling others what someone said. I was a little vain about having hearing aids that were so visible. They recommended the ones that fit in my ears with nothing outside my ear. Left is blue and right is red, so I put them in the correct ear and I don’t care if they show. I don’t say, ‘What did you say?’ or worse, “Huh?” anymore.

“I loved going for my appointments. Coffee, cookies, candy, and big screen TV. Most important, they always had time for me and didn’t rush me out. If I had a problem, they took time to fix it. I feel like I can carry on a conversation now and I am not embarrassed that I misunderstand what is said and reply inappropriately. TV is enjoyed a lot more.

“I am more than happy with my aids and the availability of the people in the office is always fast. You will love these people and you will not know what you are missing until you get your aids and hear again. Don’t wait. That is just wasting time. You are missing a lot when you could be hearing the world around you again.”

Vera Arney

Vera Arney patient story
Veryl Peyman patient story


“I was missing out on conversations with many people. I was concerned about my appointment with Ascent, as I had previous bad experiences with other hearing aid companies. I was impressed that they came to my appt., was very thorough, and effective. Dan was very pleasant and helpful.

“Now I can hear everyone and talk on the phone. I highly recommend Ascent Audiology. I especially like the normal-theater option. My hearing aids have improved my mental outlook a lot. I’m especially thankful to Dan for the trips he made to make sure everything was working okay.”

Veryl Peyman


“I have worn hearing aids for many years but noticed I still wasn’t hearing well. I had begun to withdraw from socializing or just stayed silent because I couldn’t understand the conversation. Usually when you have your hearing tested, it is with no hearing aids. This is certainly the logical way. But I had been wanting to be tested with my hearing aids in my ears, so the person giving the exam could understand exactly how I was hearing. Ascent Audiology agreed to do this.

I was impressed by Dan’s presentation at a Care Bears seminar. He had lost his hearing at an early age, and I felt he empathized and truly cared about helping others improve their hearing. My hearing definitely improved as did my confidence. I have a severe hearing loss, so still struggle at times to comprehend. However, there has been a vast improvement that family and friends notice.

If you are thinking about making an appointment, then go for it! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!”

Ruth Lord


“It’s been too long ago – I think I was in college when I first noticed a problem with my hearing. I listened to Dan at a show presentation. I was impressed with his knowledge & concern and made a transfer to his office for my care. I found Dan to be personable, understanding, and knowledgeable as to how me hearing issues. Hearing aids have helped me to hear when my natural hearing has been declining. If you are thinking about making an appointment, you will find qualified and personally concerned staff trying their best to meet your hearing needs.”

Joan West


“I first realized that I might have a hearing loss when I found it hard to understand what all the men in my family were saying without always having them repeat themselves. All of them talk soft and have low tone voices. My hearing loss is the worst on low notes and tones. My first impressions of Ascent Audiology were that they were very professional and everyone made sure it was a very good experience. With my hearing aids, I am able to hear men speak more clearly and hearing those low notes in music. The TV can be turned lower. If you are thinking about coming to Ascent Audiology, you will receive information and a staff that makes sure your fit is perfect and you know how to care for your new hearing aids.”

Mary Roye


“Before my appointment, my biggest concern was about my inability to hear people with soft voices. Everyone at Ascent is friendly, knowledgeable, willing to go the extra mile. Now, I am able to hear so much better when I remember to wear my hearing aids. I am more confident. I would advise anyone who is thinking about booking an appointment to go for it.”



“I became concerned about my hearing when I started asking family and friends to repeat themselves. My wife pointed out that my hearing was not very good. Before my appointment at Ascent Audiology, my biggest concern was getting the best use out of my hearing aids. There was no pushy sales talk. Their main concern was improving my ability to hear. The entire staff was friendly and determined to help me with improving my hearing capability. Now I have a much improved life experience. I couldn’t ask for more dedicated support. I would tell anyone who is considering an appointment to go to Ascent Audiology without any hesitation. If someone wants to improve their hearing experience, this is the place to go.”

Lynn Erickson


“I first became concerned about my hearing when my wife kept on repeating what she was saying. My first thought was that I had to do something, so I could have a conversation with my bride of 56 years without her having to yell and/or repeat. Ascent Audiology has great, caring staff. Hearing aids have made life more normal again. If you are thinking about getting your hearing checked, definitely call and make an appointment. They are a great bunch of professionals that really do care.”

Frank Fischer


“It was always good to hear, but I didn’t always understand. And it wasn’t until my brother kept saying I didn’t say that when I realized that I might have a hearing loss. So I had my hearing tested for the first time and I realized just how much I needed hearing aids. Prior to my first appointment, the only thing I was worried about was how much was it gonna cost. My first impression of Ascent was that these people know what they’re talking about. With my hearing aids, I am able to fully understand a conversation without having people repeat themselves over and over. I would tell anyone to go ahead and get an appointment. You will totally understand that this office is concerned about you not just selling you something. They also stand by their products and along the way will make adjustments if need be.”

Kelly Andres


“I became concerned about my hearing when I was in a social setting and couldn’t make out what was being said. Prior to my appointment at Ascent, my biggest concern was how things would sound with aids. My first impression was how helpful the women in the front office were. With my hearing aids, I don’t have to keep saying ‘please repeat,’ and I can be a part of a conversation. If you are thinking about making an appointment, don’t hesitate and go for it.”

Renee’ Hoenig


“I became aware of my hearing difficulties when I was rolling to one side in bed and not hearing the clock radio. I had lost some hearing in one ear due to a virus. It didn’t bother me until I heard about the correlation of hearing loss to brain function. I was impressed with how professional everyone at Ascent was. It is tedious to remember to wear one [a hearing aid] and to maintain one. But don’t mess with brain function, maintain your hearing.”

Susan Blattner


“My hearing loss seemed to come on over a period of years with not being sure of what people were saying or hearing them correctly. I had watched a video performance with Daniel Hewson & issues with dementia, which compelled me to contact him. I was very impressed with the concern, knowledge, and understanding displayed for my hearing issues. I have not received my new hearing aids yet. My old, outdated ones were ineffective. I’m very hopeful, based on testing, the new ones will be life changing. I would relay my experience and satisfaction with Daniel to anyone and highly recommend they contact Ascent.”

Delores Benbow


“I became concerned about my hearing because I could not understand human conversation. Dan invited me for a hearing test and cleaned out earwax. My hearing aids work but need to be checked. If you’re thinking of making an appointment at Ascent, be sure to talk to Dan.”

Duane Quail


“I became concerned with my hearing when I started having to say, ‘Pardon me? I did not hear you.’ I was worried before my appointment because I had heard so many friends who had experienced problems with hearing aids. My first impressions were that the staff was very friendly but very professional. With my hearing aids, I hear everything now. I’ve already recommended Ascent to someone and she purchased from you.”

Dorothy Turner


“It was about 15 years ago when I was not able to hear what someone was saying, and I would have to ask them to repeat themselves multiple times in a conversation. I would see them get frustrated, so I would stop asking and not hear the whole conversation. Before visiting Ascent, I was scared about knowing that I can’t hear well and would be told what I knew. Everyone was so nice and listened to my concerns. Hearing aids have made my life 100% better. I wish I was never scared in the first place. It is the best decision to make to get your hearing checked. It is a bonus that Ascent Audiology is the best place to make you feel good about the process.”



“I was concerned about the ringing in my ears. Also, when I would need to ask someone again, what did they just say 🙁 A friend of a friend recommended Ascent. I didn’t really have any pre-conceived fears, except that I know they [hearing aids] do take some getting used to. I would tell anyone to give yourself plenty of time. Try it, you’ll like it 🙂



“My biggest concern was getting along with conversations in a social atmosphere, at home, and with friends. I decided then to have a hearing test. The Ascent team were very friendly and helpful. With hearing aids, my hearing is back to normal. If you are considering an appointment, don’t wait. Have your hearing evaluated? They are extremely helpful and friendly. “

Gene R. Griffin


“I became concerned about my hearing when I was trying to watch TV with friends and family and I couldn’t hear the dialog to follow the program. I didn’t know enough about hearing loss to have any concerns or worries. I just wanted to be able to hear without constantly asking people to repeat themselves and turn up the volume. I found the staff at Ascent Audiology to be very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, professional, and accommodating. I worked closely with Stacey who was all of the above and more. My hearing aids allow me to hear sounds at normal sound levels. If you are thinking of getting your hearing tested, then make an appointment, get educated about hearing loss, and determine what your options are to resolve your hearing loss.”

Kathy Cooke


“I first became concerned about my hearing several years ago. My hearing has been slowly declining for a long time. Since it was so gradual, I really didn’t notice it until I found myself not knowing what was being said in small group settings. I was self-conscious about people looking at me when I responded with what I thought was a good answer but ended up not relating to the discussion. I did not want anyone to know I was wearing hearing aids. Kind of a potential embarrassment, things turned out ok. It took people at work several months before they realized I was wearing them. And to my surprise, I found out a couple of co-workers had them also that I wasn’t aware of.

“The team at Ascent Audiology is very friendly, very informative, and they showed me what was available with no pressure to get something I didn’t want or could not afford. They explained what areas I was needing help with in my hearing and how they could help.

“I still don’t hear everything perfect, but the improvement in conversation abilities has increased 1000% better. The hearing aids took a little to get used to but have been well worth it. I’m glad I did it.

“Hearing is very important to your physical health and your mental health. If you are missing out on life and people around, you don’t wait too long before you get some help. It’s easy. It gives you more confidence in your communication skills and enhances your life. I was concerned with the study that reports hearing loss can lead to early dementia and other debilitating illnesses. Ascent Audiology has been very upfront with me and seemed to be very interested in helping me.”



“It was years ago when I became concerned about my hearing – when I lived in Colorado and was dealing with a generic provider that accomplished very little. I just told my new PCP that I needed some hearing help and he referred me to Ascent Audiology. They are nice people. Hearing aids give me a lot more confidence in conversations that I am better understanding the conversation. I would tell anyone to get the best hearing aids that you can.”

Henry Nave


“I became concerned about my hearing when my son kept asking me to turn the TV volume down. The team at Ascent Audiology are nice people. They gave me a lot of information. Since I got my hearing aids, I stay up late and now I don’t wake others with the TV volume. If you are worried about your hearing, then take care of it. Life is passing you by.”

Helen Onni


“I had been wearing hearing aids for a few years and had gone for the first time to your office and found out when you fitted me with new ones how great my loss was. I just wanted to hear better. The staff at Ascent Audiology are very professional and very seriously wanted to solve my hearing problem. I was very impressed with the people assisting me. Everyone was on the ball and made me feel comfortable to participate in conversations. Ascent Audiology is the place to go because they will follow up until you are completely satisfied. Hearing aids are not a one-time visit. It requires adjustments as you use the aids and they do this in a friendly and knowledgeable way.”

Jeannine John


“I have Meniere’s disease and it has caused the loss of hearing in one ear. When I was diagnosed with Meniere’s was when they checked my hearing. I’ve never had a problem [with my hearing aid]. I was told if I didn’t wear the aid, my hearing would continue to decline, so I’m just happy to have it. Ascent Audiology has a very nice office and staff. Hopefully they’re helping to preserve the hearing in my left ear. If you are considering getting your hearing tested, I would suggest you call ASAP. It’s not painful!”



“I first became concerned about my hearing when I realized that I was attempting to read lips when someone spoke to me. Everyone at Ascent Audiology is friendly and patient. I didn’t know what I was missing until I heard the fall leaves rustling and the crunch of gravel when I took a walk. You literally don’t know what you are missing!”



“A test at the doctor’s office showed I had some hearing loss, so I went to see an audiologist. My experience at Ascent Audiology has been good. I pursued Ascent after having a conversation with Daniel Hewson and saw him for my first appointment, but since that time, I have seen several others for my appointments. Hearing aids have made it easier on my life, not having to have things repeated and [I can] turn the TV and radio down.”



“I realized I might have a hearing challenge when it was getting hard to understand conversations with people. I didn’t have any concerns before my appointment, as we had friends with hearing aids and they were so pleased with them, with Ascent Audiology. I found everyone at Ascent very friendly and they seemed very knowledgeable. Now, with my hearing aids, it is so nice to hear when people speak, especially our grandson – he is a pastor! If you are thinking of going to Ascent, you will be happy with them.”

The Arlo and Betty Seidel


“I first became aware of my hearing loss 10 years ago. I was not sure if hearing aids will work correctly, like both of mine had to be replaced. At Ascent Audiology, it was very quick to see someone and find out the problem. With my new hearing aids my hearing is much better. I was having difficulty hearing out of both ears. They are very efficient.”

Richard Faris


“I knew my hearing loss was probably genetic. My biggest concern was money. The team at Ascent Audiology are friendly, competent, and helpful. With my hearing aids, I can be social again. I would advise anyone to make an appointment.”

Arizona Granny


“I become aware that I might have a hearing loss when I had to turn the TV up so loud my neighbors could hear. My kids kept telling me I need hearing aids. I had a good experience at Ascent Audiology. Now I wear my hearing aids all the time. If you are thinking of making an appointment, go.”

Pat Rigel


“I found that I asked people to repeat themselves often and some people I could not understand because their voice was soft and low. It was very frustrating to work with this type of issue. I had met Daniel and his wife and staff at other healthcare events throughout the West Valley and they made me feel at ease and not like I was less because I could not hear correctly. I knew when I started experiencing hearing issues it would be Ascent that I would follow.

“I immediately felt at ease and at home during my first appointment. The staff was excellent and conversed with me during the entire experience. I felt like I was part of their family when I left.

“Being in healthcare, it is important to be able to hear my patients and their family members along with healthcare staff providing comments or instructions. Hearing aids have changed my life. I would say to anyone considering an appointment, don’t wait. Come to Ascent Audiology and let them take special care of you, and it will change your world.”

Gina Sheets


“I first became concerned about my hearing when my kids told me the TV was getting louder. I had never been to a hearing doctor before. I was pleasantly surprised to find friendly and very professional staff. With my hearing aids, I realize the world is a noisy place. If you’re considering an appointment at Ascent Audiology, you will be well taken care of. They answer your questions in a way you understand.”

Betty Nath

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