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If you’re a journalist, a podcast host, or someone looking to add an opinion from a highly trusted expert for your content piece, then Daniel Hewson is available for interviews, media comments, and press.

With specialist expertise in all aspects of hearing care, hearing technology, and tinnitus, Daniel Hewson is the owner of Ascent Audiology and has developed a reputation for driving the highest level of audiological standards in Arizona.

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With a promised fast response-time, you can reach us via either email or a phone call.

Specialist Topics:

  • Comprehensive hearing assessments
  • Hearing aid repairs
  • Tinnitus treatment
  • Tele audiology
  • Earwax removal
  • Personal experience with hearing loss

Daniel Hewson

Daniel Hewson, Master of Science Degree in Audiology and co-founder of Ascent Audiology

Daniel Hewson, co-founder of Ascent Audiology, boasts 25+ years of audiology experience and is pursuing a doctorate in the field.

Having grown up with hearing loss, he’s a passionate advocate for hearing aid development and rehabilitation. He’s worn hearing aids for 44 years, providing a deep understanding of the hearing-impaired experience.

In his spare time, he enjoys family activities, sports, and connecting with those who share similar hearing challenges.