Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

When Was Your Last Hearing Assessment?

Although it’s seen as “normal” to have an annual dental check-up, an annual physical, or to have your cholesterol checked, hardly any of us regularly have our hearing assessed. 

One of our biggest frustrations is that many people come to have their first hearing assessment once their hearing challenges become too difficult to live with, rather than having their hearing tested upon first experiencing those signs of hearing loss.

With hearing loss being the third most prevalent health condition affecting one out of every five adults in the U.S., and the World Health Organization predicting that global hearing loss will double by 2050, it’s never been so important to regularly test your hearing.

A comprehensive hearing assessment is quick, non-invasive, and the results are shared with you immediately, allowing you to either address any hearing challenges to prevent them from worsening or to at least have a baseline to test against in the future.

At Ascent Audiology Arizona, we have developed a methodical assessment process based on best-practices and tens of thousands of patients to comprehensivly test your specific levels of hearing and check your overall hearing health.

If you are concerned about your hearing or you’re concerned about a loved ones hearing, then the first step on your journey to better hearing is to have a comprehensive hearing assessment.

To schedule yours at one our Glendale, Surprise or Goodyear locations, then simply complete the form and we’ll contact you to schedule a convenient time/date.

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How Does Our Methodical Hearing Testing Process Work?

#1 – Understanding YOU

Before we look into your ears, the first step is to understand who you are and what has resulted in you visiting us. We like to know about your career, who you are, what you enjoy doing, and the reasons that you have decided to have a hearing assessment. This information is invaluable to understand why you may be experiencing hearing challenges.

#2 - We Look Into Your Ears

Before we start your hearing assessment, we first want to look into your ears to see if there is anything that is visibly causing your hearing challenges. In some cases, this could be a build-up of earwax or in rare cases, something that requires further medical treatment.

One of our biggest frustrations is that many hearing assessments don’t do this and they fit people with hearing aids that simply needed their ear wax cleaning.

#3 – You’ll Enter The Sound Booth

You’ll sit inside our sound booth, wear some headphones, and we’ll then play you a range of tones and speech-recognition to fully assess the areas of your hearing that aren’t performing as they should be. We will then map the results onto an audiogram.

This shares an accurate picture of how your hearing is performing and where you may need a little help.

#4 – Discuss Your Results

We’ll then be able to share the outcome of your hearing assessment with you and explain the next steps and treatment plans if further assistance is required. 

This is all shared by our friendly team; our job is to offer you professional guidance and expertise, with no pressure or obligation to make a decision right away.

Joanna M., Patient Care Coordinator at Ascent Audiology & Hearing

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Before you can explore which hearing technology is right for you, the first step is to have a comprehensive hearing assessment to discover your levels of hearing loss and have an expert make a recommendation for you.

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