Tele Audiology

Convenient Online Hearing Care, Whenever You Need It.

Whatever happens in the world, our patients remain at the center of ours; This is why we have always looked for ways to offer the most convenient hearing care in Arizona.

With “Tele Audiology” available, you can receive help from an audiologist from the comfort of your home with an innovative “live online appointment” feature.

This means that you can receive award-winning hearing care from your home, office, or even vacation, ensuring that you have access to support whenever and however you need it.

With the safety protocols of COVID-19 in 2020, many patients moved to this option to avoid contact, yet continue to receive the support they need.; Whereas many of our busy working patients much prefer this highly convenient option.

By partnering with Ascent Audiology, you can have the confidence that we will always meet you wherever you are comfortable, and that we’ll have your back, both now and forever.

The staff at the office in Surprise was very friendly. They paid attention to my questions and answered them completely. They gave me a full evaluation on my hearing, a complete explanation of all results, and a long discussion with me on what every dot and line represented in my hearing results. I felt They went the extra mile for me. I felt No pressure to buy hearing aids. The office was cleaned and sanitized and I felt Very safe while in their facilities. I appreciated the directness , and the kind way I was Treated. Wonderful experience!

Lori B

Schedule Your Initial 15-Minute Tele Audiology Appointment

To schedule your initial Tele Audiology appointment, simply complete this form and a member of our team will call you shortly to arrange a convenient date/time.

We’ll then send you the call details ahead of time and help you to get set -up, ready for your appointment.

How Does It Work?

If you’re an existing patient, then you can simply give us a call and schedule a “‘Tele Audiology”’ appointment with your provider.

However, if you’re a new patient and would like to speak to an expert ahead of your appointment, then we have introduced “Initial Tele Audiology Appointments.”

This allows you to speak to a hearing care expert for a 15-minute online appointment to discuss the challenges that you or a loved one are facing and receive their support, guidance, and professional help, free of charge.

For many, this is the ideal first step to help them to address the unknowns, common myths, and misconceptions.